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From the Fantasy Dating Blog

  • The Top 3 Reasons Women Should Ask Men Out 19 August, 2017 2 comments

    by Amie Leadingham Traditionally, we know that it’s the man who initiates the dating experience. This is not only due to the biological history of men (as Hunters) and women (as Gatherers), but also...

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  • Why Confidence is Everything When It Comes to Dating 09 August, 2017 2 comments

    “Be confident” is easier said than done, right? It’s easy to tell the girl who always dates bad boys that she deserves better. It’s also easy to tell the nice guy to be bolder....

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  • Five Dangerous Dating Myths 31 July, 2017 2 comments

    The desire to find love will never grow old. That’s why there are so many theories, strategies and dating tools out there. While many of these theories and tools are valuable, some of them prove...

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