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Dare to Date! Join a league, set stakes and play to win. Earn points by exchanging numbers, receiving texts and calls and going on dates!

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    Summer is here and new love is in the air. Thinking about getting away on a romantic weekend for two? There’s a lot to consider when taking your first trip with a new guy. Sure, you guys are cra...

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  • How to Get in the Dating Game 11 July, 2014 2 comments

    Maybe you’ve been experiencing a dating drought. Or perhaps you’re just getting back in the dating game after a long term relationship. Sometimes it’s tough to figure out how to start. Start by ...

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  • Five Things To Get You Through a Breakup 03 July, 2014 4 comments

    When going through a breakup, it can be tempting to numb yourself. But indulging in a wild girls’ night and making out with a stranger isn’t going to restore your obliterated heart. Neithe...

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