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From the Fantasy Dating Blog

  • What You Should and Should NOT Text Him 20 October, 2014 4 comments

    Texting someone you like can be tricky because it’s so easy to do. Just a few taps and boom – message sent. That’s the scary part. Once it’s sent, you can’t take it back....

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  • Why “Normal” is Such a Catch 15 October, 2014 2 comments

    By Marina Sbrochi It’s funny, because when you ask people what they are looking for in a mate, you most often hear adjectives like: smart, good looking, great job, must have chemistry, similar inter...

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  • Seven Reasons Why Being Single is Awesome 05 October, 2014 2 comments

    Being single has a ton of benefits, from not having to share a bed with someone who snores to being able to enjoy your guilty pleasure TV shows (without anyone ever having to know). But the best benef...

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