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20 Ways Meet Singles This Summer

Beach Party

by Marina Sbrochi

No more excuses! It’s Summer. The sun is shining, people are out and about and there is no better time to meet singles.

Need a little nudge? Here are 20 ways to meet singles this summer. It doesn’t matter whether you rock some concerts, join a sports league, hit conventions, go to some meetups or work on your daily affirmations – NOW is the time to get your Fantasy Dating game on!

1. Join a summer sports league.

You know that people come crawling out of the woodwork when the weather gets nice, so take advantage. It’s a two for one. You get a workout in and you have the potential to meet singles.

2. Rock some summer concerts.

You already know someone you meet will like the same music as you — so go ahead, tap someone on the shoulder. It worked for me — wanna hear my story?

3. Hit the conventions!

Comic-con, ScareFest, get political, get freaky, find something you like and go meet a whole bunch of people who like the same thing. Conversation should be easy. Try, “Superman…so nice to meet you!”

4. A little vino would be keeno!

Hit wine country or check out some local vineyards near you. A little liquid courage never hurt anyone. Just don’t over do it.

5. Hit the bourbon trail.

Speaking of drinking, take a trip to Louisville and discover history on the Bourbon Trail. While you’re there, check out the only underground cave zip lines. If Louisville is too far for you, find another historic spot and mingle with the tourists.

6. Take a cooking class.

Normally, these fill up with women, but you could meet a girl that knows a single guy. Ask for dating referrals! Then fine tune some fab appetizer recipes and see the next tip!

7. Organize a plus ONE cocktail party.

Get a group of your best single friends and throw in some acquaintances and have a plus one cocktail party. Everyone has to bring a single friend.

8. Join a gym.

A hot body is motivation that lasts. You know you feel good when you look good and are strong. You’ll feel better and exude confidence. And confidence is sexy.

9. Enlist the help of your friends.

Gather the troups and let everyone know that you’re ready to be hooked up with someone amazing. Ask for dating referrals and sit back and wait for the magic.

10. Use Tinder, Match, eHarmony, JDate, Christian Mingle.

It doesn’t matter which online dating tool you use to meet singles. Use whatever floats your boat. Just sign up and start dating!

11. Take a solo trip with a singles group.

There’s nothing like diving right in the ocean. Or biking through France. You know, one of my good friends met her husband on a photography tour of Italy. They’ve been together 12 years now.

12. Affirmations.

I know, stop it Stuart Smalley — but it works. Take some time and find all the best motivational meme’s out there and make one your phone wallpaper every day. It’ll boost your confidence and motivate you to be proactive.

13. Meetup with Meetup Groups.

Love wine and cheese? Checkers? Star gazing? There’s a meetup group for that! Go check them out — you never know who you might meet!

14. Volunteer.

Whether you’re into Habitat for Humanity, pet rescue or feeding the homeless, you’ll feel great helping others. Plus, you’ll most likely meet a new friend. And you know when you expand your friend base, you increase your odds of meeting cool singles.

15. Double Dog Dare Yourself.

Dare yourself to say hello to one new person each day. Hello person in the coffee line. Hello person at the dog park. Hello person at the bank. Practicing being friendly will open doors for more.

16. Visualize the prize.

Let yourself daydream on your perfect match. Focus on the qualities you are looking for. Picture yourself and your ideal partner in a life you’d like the live. Imagine it and pretend it’s real. One day, it will be.

17. Trick yourself.

What’s your favorite food? Got it? Now, you can’t eat that food until you meet five singles. Are you hungry yet? It can’t be just any old person off the street. It has to be someone you’d like to meet.

18. Scare yourself.

Life is short. What if it all ended tomorrow? What would you do differently today? Or, what if you had five years to live? Would you try harder to find love? Be less picky? Put yourself out there an date more? Scary, huh?

19. Say goodbye to excuses.

The time is now. You aren’t tired. That’s just an excuse. Get out there and meet singles. You can sleep when you’re dead.

20. Play to win!

Steady sex, a BFF, a standing date, flirting, a lifetime of adventure with the man of your dreams! This can all be yours — if you GET OUT AND GET MOTIVATED!

Do it! I dare you. Marina Sbrochi grew up in Dublin, Ohio and attended The Ohio State University, she’s a forever Buckeye. She is the IPPY Award-winning author of Stop Looking for a Husband: Find the Love of Your Life. She is a dating coach in Dallas, Texas. You can find more at, on Facebook and on Twitter.

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