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5 Step System to Make Dating Fun and Easy

Before sharing the Five Step System to Make Dating Fun and Easy, it’s important to understand the powerful Law of Attraction tool called Contrast. Simply stated, Contrast is the process of taking something you are clear you do not want in your experience and flipping it into a statement of something you do want. Sounds incredibly basic, doesn’t it?

Think back to when you were a child, how many times did you hear the word ‘no’ rather than ‘yes’? Our parents unconsciously conditioned us to gravitate toward the word ‘no’ based on their choice to focus on what they did not want us to do rather than what they did want us to do. It is no wonder 80% of our thoughts are negative. Luckily, you can use contrast to make the switch from how you were trained to think to how you now wish to think.

You have an opportunity to impact a huge portion of your thought process when you focus on simple changes you can make by using contrast on a daily basis. For example, if you say, “I do not want ice cream,” your subconscious will process the words ice cream, and will begin moving you toward ice cream. Rather, if you say, “I want to eat only healthy desserts such as berries,” your subconscious will move you toward healthy desserts or berries.

Can you see how powerful your choice of words becomes when you define what you want to create in your world? When you know how the subconscious mind works, you realize how significant your word choices become for the creation of what you desire for your life.

Simply put, contrast works like this:

1.) Mention something you don’t want.

2.) Notice it’s something you don’t want in your experience.

3.) Think about what you do want.

4.) Reframe your statement into a positive expression of what you do want.

Let’s say you just had a date with someone and you’re feeling down because it didn’t go as well as you hoped, and you are certain that once again you have encountered Mr. Wrong. You can practice the Five Step Secret System to Make Dating Fun and Easy by saying to yourself:

1.) “Thank you Universe for exposing me to this interesting person.”

2.) “I liked the following things about him…”

3.) “I didn’t like these things about him…”

4.) “What I really would like is…”

5.) “Try again please.”

This way you can feel grateful for everyone you meet. You allow yourself to remain centered in a positive, appreciative frame of mind: ready, open, and willing to meet the next interesting person who could be Your Man. Now get out there and start having fun dating again, by taking all the pressure off yourself.

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  1. JillP

    February 28, 2014

    This perspective is interesting. I practice gratitude everyday. It helps me stay sane and I believe that it brings good things to me. But I haven’t thought about listing the things I like about him and the things I didn’t like about him. It’s a much deeper level than I’ve practiced. I’ll try and see where it goes. Thanx!

    • fdadmin

      February 28, 2014

      Glad you find it interesting! Let us know how it goes! :)

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