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Bring the Heat with these Summer Date Ideas

Summer is here, so why not turn your dating life up a notch? Tired of the same old dates? Here are some refreshing ways to bring some heat to your summer romance.

Get festive!

Communities everywhere are planning summer events. Whether it’s a pie eating contest or a chicken race, grab your date and go! Even if you think hopping around in a sack might be lame, don’t lose an opportunity to get silly and enjoy local festivities. You’ll have a lot more fun than you think.

Dare to be extreme.

You dared to find your date, so why not dare again and try something a little crazy on your date? Bungee jump, zip line or find the tallest roller coaster in your state. Then dare to go along for the ride!

Play hooky.

What’s better than ditching the office for a beach day? If the beach is too far, take a staycation with your date. Whether you crash a hotel pool or float in your own, push work out of your mind and enjoy some relaxation with someone special.

Be amused.

Oh yeah, we’re talking ferris wheels, cotton candy and clowns! (Okay, maybe not clowns.) Head to an amusement park and let your inner child take over. Then don’t forget to let your date win you a teddy bear!

Go stargazing.

Whether on your front porch or on a blanket in a field, stargazing is not only amazing and beautiful, it’s a great way to get a little closer.


Why not drive out to “Inspiration Point” and make out? What’s hotter than an old school, forbidden parking session?

Try these date ideas and let us know how it goes! Meanwhile, what are some other ways you’ll bring the heat this summer?



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  1. SandyK

    June 19, 2013

    I just went to a carnival on a date. It was AWESOME! No pressure, fun date! :)

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