Fantasy Dating GameFantasy Dating is a revolutionary dating game designed to empower singles to take chances, build confidence and find love.

  1. How Have You Maximized Your Holiday Weekend?

    In the U.S., today is Memorial Day. A holiday honoring those who have served our in our country’s military. It also marks the unofficial start of Summer and an awesome Fantasy Dating opportunity. The beaches are packed and most communities hold celebrations, parades or cookouts, providing zillions of opportunities to...
  2. Psychic Love Advice – Bananas or Hope?

    Last night, I attended a psychic party at a friend’s house. One by one, we went upstairs and got private readings. Some girls were urged to focus on career, some were warned to break bad health habits and all of us got relationship advice. Seeking help from the “other side”...
  3. Welcome!

    Welcome to Fantasy Dating! The revolutionary, new way to date! Just like any other Fantasy Sport, players join leagues, set stakes and compete for points – the difference is that you score them by dating. Whether you earn points by exchanging numbers, receiving calls or going on dates, every dating move...