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Check What You Project

Imagine screeching into a parking spot and running into Starbucks, completely annoyed because every resident in your city is driving like they’re blindfolded. You snarl at the long line, huff to the end of it, cross your arms and wait for what seems like forever for the barista to ask you what you’d like. You tell her quickly because you want her to know you’re in a rush. Then you text on your cell phone until your coffee is ready.

How do you think the people at Starbucks feel about you?

Now imagine parking your car, walking to the door and taking a second to check the energy you project. You take a deep breath, walk inside and get in place at the end of the line. The man in front of you glances back at you (because it’s a reflex – we always check when someone comes up behind us). You smile and say, “Good morning!” He smiles back and says, “Good morning!” (Because nine out of 10 times when you smile and greet someone, they will mirror you.)

The key is to be approachable. And by checking what you project, you create an opportunity to make small talk. To say something like, “I never can remember which is a grande and which is a tall. Do you speak ‘Starbucks?’” Or, “Kind of silly to get a hot drink on a hot day, right? What are you ordering?”

It doesn’t matter how you start a conversation. The point is that you can when you make a conscious decision to consider the energy you bring in a room with you.

As you Fantasy Date for the next three days, try checking yourself before you walk into a room. Is your posture straight? Will you remember to make eye contact? Do you have a smile on your face? Take note of how people react to a confident, conscious you. Let us know what kind of differences you experience.

Meanwhile, how do you currently check what you project?



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