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Dare to Date

It’s true. The man of your dreams isn’t going to appear at your front door unless you invite him over. That said, you have to meet him first, right?

Lucky for you, there are tons of dating tools to help you do that. You can online date, speed date, consult a matchmaker, a dating coach, and read books designed to help you find him. And we suggest you maximize any or all of those tools to do so. These resources will not only help you score Fantasy Dating points, they’ll help you feel good!

There’s nothing worse than sitting at home, zoning out at a Real Housewives marathon, wishing you were out on a date. The worst part is, the more we hide at home, the worse we feel about ourselves and the more acceptable a destiny full of desperate Saturday nights seems.

It’s up to you to break the cycle and do something for yourself. So sign up on, attend a meetup or agree to a blind date. And when you get there, make eye contact with your date. Remain open-minded even if he’s not the godlike creature you envisioned. Smile. At the very least make a friend. Remember, even if he’s not a match for you, he may worship the same band as your wing girl. And he may have a buddy who has the same obsession with veganism that you do.

Your destiny is in your hands. So get off the couch and get out there! We dare you.




  1. Lindy

    November 6, 2012

    I love meeting people at weddings! Just wish I was the next to get married!

  2. amelia

    November 7, 2012

    Thanks! This is motivating!

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