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Fantasy Daters Share How They Dared to Date

A big part of Fantasy Dating and dating in general is daring to take chances. Here are some great stories from Fantasy Daters who decided to take chances and really dare to date.

Lindsey had finally broken up with her chronic cheater boyfriend. After one of her friends dared her, she joined Fantasy Dating. While taking a spin class, she thought the instructor was hot. After class, she gave him her number and said, “We should hang out sometime.” They did!

Christine was in her car at a full serve gas pump. She noticed the hot guy at the opposite pump kept staring at her. She smiled and waved. He gave his number to the gas attendant who passed it to her.

Olivia spotted a guy at a bar. She made eye contact with him a few times and smiled. On her way out she dropped a napkin on his table with her name and number on it and said, “Call me.”

Brittney had a crush on a co-worker (in another department). They had never really talked. She seemed to go mute whenever he was around. So, she stuck a post-it on his computer monitor that read, “Call me. Brittney,” with her number on it. He called.

Sophia also had a crush on a co-worker. She planned her birthday party at the bar where she worked and invited him. She convinced him to join her and her girlfriends for pizza afterwards. Once they arrived at the pizza place, her winggirls claimed they were exhausted and said, “Can you take her home for us?” He’s her boyfriend now.

Stacie worked in a sports bar. She always said, “You’re never going to meet anyone here.” But once she started Fantasy Dating, she began flirting everywhere, including her workplace. During a championship game, she noticed an attractive guy. Towards the end of the game she said, “If you guys are still here after the game, I may have to sit down and have a drink with you.”

He said, “I’ll wait for you.” They’re married now and expecting twins.

Tina writes at a Starbucks almost every day. When she first started going, she noticed a guy who also spent a lot of time there. She smiled and said, “Hi.” He said, “Hi,” back. The next day, when he arrived, there was nowhere for him to sit. So she waved him over to her table and said, “Sit with me.” He did and now they sit together and write every day.

For these women, taking chances really paid off. Some of the things they did were seriously brave. But others, like Christine merely smiling and waving at the hot guy at the gas station, weren’t that risky. But she still scored!

The point is, they all had fun being a little sassy. They all had a positive attitude and thought, “Why not?”

The next time you have an opportunity to make a daring flirt move, ask yourself, “Why not?” Then dare to date.

How about you? How have you dared date?


  1. JillP

    March 28, 2014

    At the carwash, I was waiting for my car and asked this guy what kind of phone he had. We had a whole conversation about iphones. When my car was done I put my number in his phone!

    • fdadmin

      March 28, 2014

      Nice work, JillP! We’d love to have hear more about how you’ve dared to date! Please email us your stories at and we’ll post them on the site. Meanwhile, play to win! :)

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