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Fantasy Dating – What Songs Make You Think of Love?

I was madly in love with one guy (who shall remain nameless) throughout most of high school. When he walked by me in the hallway at school, my stomach flipped. When our eyes met, my heart sped. When he kissed me, I replayed it over and over for days. My stomach flip-flopping again and again.

And one night, when I should have been home sleeping, he and I curled up on his bed, kissing those tipsy kisses. The radio played softly in the background. And ever since, each time I hear the haunting chords of Springsteen’s “Tunnel of Love,” I’m instantly transported to that night in 1989.

What songs take you back to a moment of young love?




  1. SandyK

    November 7, 2012

    If You Could Only See The Way She Loves Me – Tonic. Sigh.

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