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Player Question: How Do I Ask for His Number?

Here’s a great question from a Fantasy Dater:

Dear Fantasy Dating,

I’ve definitely gotten way more gutsy since we started this game, but I’m not unshakable. If I ask a guy for his number and he doesn’t ask me for mine, I’ll be mortified! How am I supposed to just flat out ask him?

-Daring Dana

Great question, Daring Dana. Say you meet someone and chat for a few minutes and realize you don’t want to miss a connection. Just say, “Hey, this was fun. We should get together when we have more time. What’s your number?”

The great thing about asking for a number is that the answer is a reflex. When you pull out your phone and start to punch in his name, his reflex response is to do the same thing.

Think about it, people respond reflexively doing everyday things. Like when you walk your dog, pass a neighbor and greet them with, “Good morning!”

Their reflex response is, “Good morning,” right?

Don’t worry, granted that he is remotely attracted to you and has enjoyed his initial time spent with you, when you pull out your phone, he’ll pull out his. And if he doesn’t, ask yourself, “So what?”

Okay, maybe your ego is a little bumped, but it’s not the end of the world. In fact, it’s the universe telling you he’s not the right guy for you and making room for the right one to come along.

For more ideas, check out Fantasy Dating’s Top 5 Ways to Get His Number. Then try it and let us know what happens!



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  1. LuciousLush

    August 27, 2013

    I do a lot of online dating, and the best way to get a guy’s number in that particular forum (I think) is to suggest you move your online chat (which is usually via a very clunky IM platform embedded in the dating site) over to the much more graceful world of texting. Guys usually jump at that convenient option, and then you have his number!

    • fdadmin

      October 2, 2013

      Genius! Well played LuciousLush!

  2. Singles Warehouse

    January 15, 2014

    Getting a guys number should be easy – you just have to have the confidence to ask for it.

    TOP TIP: Always have a chat on the phone before you meet – can safe you from a terrible date!

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