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Seven Signs He’s Into You

It’s not always easy to tell if someone is into you. Especially if you have historically chosen bad boys or guys who, at the time, were “good enough.” You might mistake someone who thinks you’re “good enough” for someone who is crazy about you. Well, make no mistake, there is a difference.

To be sure, here are seven signs that he’s into you.

1. He calls. This may sound like a no-brainer, but be honest with yourself. Who calls who? Do you always find yourself calling him? Or does he make the majority of contact? If he calls you often, it’s because he likes you. But if you find yourself having to chase him down, cut him loose.

2. He listens. A guy who is crazy about will you soak up every word you say. He’ll ask you how your big meeting went. He’ll bring up that crazy family story long after you told him. He’ll remember your favorite song.

So, if you’re dating someone who is more interested in the TV than you or if your guy’s eyes glaze over when you start to tell him about your day, say, “goodbye.” You deserve better than that.

3. He takes interest in what you’re interested in. Fantasy Dater, Lalaloopsie, said she knew her guy was totally into her when she told him she does community theater. He said, “Do you have any videos?” When she pulled out three recordings of her plays, she asked, “Which one do you want to watch?” He said, “I want to see them all.”

That’s when she knew she had seriously scored.

So, watch out for guys who don’t show interest in your acting, writing, mountain climbing or whatever it is that you love to do. Also, know your non-negotiables before you get in the game. Decide what qualities someone you date must have. If you’re a singer and he has to come to your gigs, know that up front. That way, it’s easier to identify the ones who might not make you happy.

4. He does what he says he will do. Someone who really likes you does not want to let you down. So, if he says he’s going to take you to a concert or he says he’s going to call you at a certain time, he will. When your guy always does what he says he will, you’re on the right track.

5. He introduces you to his friends. It’s a big deal when somebody takes you public. When he takes you to meet his friends or even better, his family, it’s because he really likes you.

Contrary to that, if your guy only calls on the way home from being out with his friends, you know what he’s looking for (and it’s not a girlfriend).

6. He holds your hand. Hand holding may sound silly, but it’s huge. If he’s willing to hold your hand in public, he’s in it to win it. And if he holds your hand in front of his friends, it’s official. He’s falling for you.

7. He calls you his “girlfriend.” When a man calls you his girlfriend, he is staking claim on you. He’s letting the world know you are his and that he has plans for you. The first time he refers to you that way, you should know, you might just be on your way to winning the ultimate prize – love!


  1. OliveJuice

    October 1, 2013

    I know a guy is into me when he asks a lot of questions about me. When he doesn’t ask questions, I know to move on.

    • fdadmin

      October 2, 2013

      Awesome point! Asking questions is a great sign he’s into you. Fantastic tip OliveJuice!

  2. LuciousLush

    October 2, 2013

    Another really positive sign is if he’s asking to make plans with you that are further down the road than, say, next weekend. If he asks you if you can join him for a weekend hiking trip next month, that means he’s making plans around you, or he wants to include you in the big plans he’s already made. Definitely a sign that he’s into you!

    • fdadmin

      October 2, 2013

      Yes! A man who makes plans for you is into you! Even better when he keeps those plans.

      Unfortunately, sometimes guys can be super excited at first and go nuts with the “We should’s,” only to do a disappearing act shortly thereafter. But the guy who makes the plans AND keeps them is a keeper!

      LuciousLush, I think you just inspired another article. Thanks for your awesome comment!

  3. Singles Warehouse

    January 15, 2014

    Holding hands for a guy is a big thing. Not only is it a PDA it’s also a sign (think caveman here) that you belong to him.

    Basics – but cute also!

  4. princess of love

    April 6, 2015

    omg thank you for letting know at first i did notice a couple of things until he introduced me to his friends and that makes me feal good really i think i will be happy for a long time :-)

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