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What Guys Really Want in a Girlfriend

Sometimes figuring out what guys want in a girlfriend can seem like the biggest mystery ever. Because everyone is different, there’s no magical formula to attract all men. (And wouldn’t it be AWESOME if there was?) But the good news is what most men really want in a woman is pretty simple.


Confidence is sexy. No guy wants a girlfriend who constantly says stuff like, “Do you think I look okay?” or “Do you really like me?” A woman who is comfortable and confident with herself will attract a man who feels the same way about himself. And that’s what you want, right?


Playing dumb is just dumb. Any guy who wants a helpless, dumb girlfriend is a dumb guy. Smart guys want to date smart women who will inspire them with great ideas and beliefs. Otherwise, what will you talk about after the butterflies fade?


Guys are simple creatures. They want have to fun. They want to date someone they can laugh with. So if you tend to be negative or complain all the time, chances are, you’re not going to be dating a lot. Keep things positive and fun and enjoy the love!


Not that kind of easy. Guys want girlfriends who are easy going. So, all you girls who make 17 substitutions when ordering a salad or the girls who take 3 hours to get ready to go out for pizza – knock it off. Nobody wants to date someone who makes a huge issue out of everything. And that includes drama. If you tend to nag, pry and gossip a lot, good guys will vanish faster than you can say, “But wait…”


It’s kind of a cliche, but it’s really important to be yourself when dating. First, because if you pretend to be something you’re not, sooner or later the guy will catch on. But more importantly, because you want the person you’re dating to like you for you. Plus, you want to attract someone who will be a good fit for you and the things you love to do. So, keep it simple and just do you.


  1. Lindy

    January 13, 2015

    I saw a girl doing the whole dumb blonde routine on Friday night and it seemed like guys were falling for it. It probably works for A NIGHT. But long term I agree with this article, guys are looking for an equal. And you’re so right about FUN. Sounds simple, but guys just want to have fun.

    • fdadmin

      January 13, 2015

      Thanks for commenting Lindy! So glad to hear that the article resonates with you. Enjoy the game! :)

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