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What Story Are You Telling Yourself About Why You’re Not Dating?

“All the good men are taken.”

“No one is ever going to love me.”

“I’m too old to get married and have kids.”

Do any of these phrases sound familiar? Have you heard your friends (or yourself) say them?

Stories like these are only true if we believe them. If you believe no one is ever going to marry you or that you’re not worthy of being loved, you’re going to put out vibes that convey that to other people. And those people will believe it too.

Fantasy Dating provides an opportunity for you to rewrite the story you’ve been telling yourself. If you’ve been afraid to date or unhappy with your love life, ask yourself, “What story have I been telling myself?”

Then change it.

If your story is, “I never meet anyone because I don’t have any single girlfriends to go out with,” you’re in luck. You don’t need single girlfriends to Fantasy Date. You can join a Fantasy Dating league and make new friends to get your game on with.

If your story is, “I’m too shy to approach someone,” that’s not true either. Sure, approaching someone can be scary, but you can smile, make eye contact and say, “Hi.” You know you can. And once you do, you’ll be surprised at how good it feels!

If your story is, “I’ve been really hurt before and I can’t do it again,” you have a choice. You can punish yourself for the rest of your life by denying yourself the opportunity to love or you can empower yourself to find love. Which sounds more appealing to you?

What love life story are you telling yourself? How will you change it?




  1. loonie

    January 30, 2013

    I just changed it today! Exchanged digits at the deli counter. I never, never would have done that a few months ago. I feel so liberated and excited!

  2. Lindy

    January 31, 2013

    I’ve been making excuses about being too busy. But since I started Fantasy Dating, I realize that’s BS. Now I talk to people everywhere I go!

  3. Dana

    January 31, 2013

    But what if I am too old to get married and have kids? How do I change the way I feel?

  4. YouMeetMe

    February 7, 2013

    Very important topic and you just did an amazing job presenting it in a simple and clear manner.

  5. Tom

    February 13, 2013


    First off, I’ve known one of the founders of this site for several years. I’m very supportive of her and her friends, and their efforts to try and enable women to find “happiness”.

    All I can say is welcome to the world of trying to ask someone out on a date!!! Yes, you are getting this from a male perspective. Asking a “stranger” out is one of the most traumatic experiences ever. The anxiety and nerves are pushed to their limit, but you have to jump into the “fire” and see what happens.

    For a man, it is very difficult. We have to avoid “cheesy lines”, and come off confident, but then we get the “One Minute Interview” by every woman, well, almost every woman. We get asked, rapid fire, “Where do you live?”, “Where do you work?”, “What do you drive?” Those questions are an absolute turn off.

    As a woman, you already have the upper hand, because guys are tired of approaching women… only to be interviewed. So, don’t be scared to approach a man and start a conversation. Just don’t conduct “the above” interview. The man will be relaxed and interested in speaking with you. He’ll be in shock that it’s happening, but he’ll be receptive, and cordial.

    Don’t be afraid to approach a guy, and start up a conversation. He’ll be receptive! Trust me. Although, he might also think you’re a prostitute, because those are the only women who are forward enough to approach a man! You’ll be fine. Just be yourself, and don’t over think it. A simple thing like, “Hi. My name is Mary. Are you familiar with this neighborhood? I’m thinking of moving here, but have no idea about the area.” If he says yes, then he’ll chat it up with you. If he says no, then you still opened up the conversation.

    Stop the “interview” questions. Guys don’t like it, and will probably lie to you because they know they are being interviewed.

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