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When to Exchange Numbers

Wondering when to exchange numbers?

Just as important as how you ask for a number is when you ask. Timing is important. You can’t join a cooking class hoping to meet men and walk straight up to the first one you see and dig for digits. Think about it. What if a guy did that to you? You’d be like, “Buzz off, creep!”

Just like building a friendship or a business relationship takes time, it takes time to build up to a number exchange.

Along the way, try to get an idea of whether or not he’s into you. Here are some questions to ask yourself before you go in for the score:

  • Has he been conversing freely with me?
  • Is his body language positive?
  • Is he smiling at me?
  • Does he seem comfortable?
  • Does he make eye contact?
  • Is he attentive (or is he riveted on the Bears game on the flatscreen above me)?
  • Has he asked questions about me?
NOTE: Whether or not a guy asks questions about you is SERIOUSLY important. If he simply babbles about sports, food, his childhood and everything other than you, he may be talking at you not with you.

If you answer “yes” to all of these questions and are ready to wrap up your time with this person, use one of Fantasy Dating’s Top Five Ways to Exchange Numbers.

What are some signs you look for before exchanging phone numbers?



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