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When to Stop Dating Multiple People

One of the goals of Fantasy Dating is to meet as many people as possible and discover what you do and don’t want in a long term partner. By dating different people with different interests and backgrounds, you’ll get a good idea of what does and doesn’t work for you.

Dating multiple people becomes a sort of process of elimination. Maybe you love one date’s sense of humor but just totally don’t get another’s. Date number one probably won’t get a second date, right?

Ideally, you’d continue dating until you find someone you’re head over heels for. You’ll know that’s happening when find yourself gravitating towards that person only.

But what if you’re not ga ga crazy about the people you’re dating? What if you’re dating more than one person who has a sense of humor you love, a fascinating mind and cute tush? Then you may find it difficult to choose.

Deciding when to stop dating multiple people can be tricky. But if you start passing these milestones, you probably need to let the person you’re dating know that he or she is not alone.

1. You’re sleeping together. If you’re sleeping with someone, at the very least for safety’s sake, let that person know if there’s someone else. Being open and honest is key in any relationship. By being honest up front, you’ll give your partner/s the opportunity to express how they feel about that. (And ALWAYS use a condom.)

2. The person you date refers to you as their “boyfriend” or “girlfriend.” When someone calls you their boyfriend or girlfriend, that means they have plans for you. If you are dating someone else, that means they have no idea what is going on. That’s unfair and uncool. If this happens, fess up fast!

3. They ask you to meet the parents. Just like calling you their boyfriend or girlfriend, someone who invites you to meet their parents has plans for you. The fact that you have plans with someone else that Saturday night is not okay. Tell them where you stand or let that person move on.

Dating is supposed to be fun. Keep it fun by keeping it honest!

Here are some more tips on when to stop dating someone. Meanwhile, how do you know when to stop dating multiple people?




  1. Clint

    July 30, 2013

    I like your article! I super disagree as well, in that I think those are all signs you didn’t disclose in time. When should you warn somebody you date multiple people? After the first date, but definitely before you put your hands under (or remove) their clothes! That lets them decide if they’re cool with being one of many. If they’re not, they can’t hang with you anyway-they’ll still leave you, they’ll just leave you much angrier, having wasted their time just focusing on you. What do you think bout the difference between when to disclose multiple dating and when to actually stop doing multiple dating?

  2. fdadmin

    July 30, 2013

    You make fantastic points. When to disclose multiple dating is a great topic! That could be our next post – thank you!

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