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Why Valentine’s Day is Great for Singles

Are you single and dreading Valentine’s Day? Well, knock it off because you’re overlooking a great opportunity to have some good fun. As singles, you have a choice. You can either dread Valentine’s Day or embrace it. This Valentine’s Day, because it falls on a Saturday, is an excellent opportunity to embrace love’s biggest day and score Fantasy Dating points.

Instead of sulking at home, grab your winggirl and go out. Dress up. Dressing up can give a girl a little high. So, put that on red lipstick and do your hair. Give your soul (and every other part of your body) a lift and wear your favorite stilettos.

Then go get your game on!

On Saturday, February 14, single guys will be out. Not just because it can be depressing to sit home alone on Valentine’s Day, but simply because it’s Saturday night and they’ll be out anyway.

Whatever you do, stay away from going to a restaurant where you’ll be surrounded by couples having romantic dinners. Instead, eat dinner at the bar. Talk to the people around you. Have fun.

The key is fun. Guys love girls who are fun. The truth is, they’ll pass on the gorgeous but bitchy chick just to talk to the smart, fun girls. So, don’t huddle with your winggirls at a table, sit at the bar and interact with the people around you.

If going out is not your style, remember Fantasy Dating is on everywhere you go. So work your routine to work your game. As you’re out and about running errands this Valentine’s Day season, be aware of who is around you. When you spot someone who intrigues you, do something about it.

Here are some easy ways to break the ice:

1. Get caught looking. This doesn’t mean you should get super creepy and stare someone down. The idea is to look his way a few times. Once you get caught looking, smile and turn back to whatever you were doing. Hopefully, he’ll get the hint.

2. Smile. Smiling not only lets someone know you’ve noticed him, it lets him know you’re friendly and have a good attitude. Remember, attitude is everything. Nobody wants to date a grump.

3. Be approachable. This is HUGE. No matter how hard you use your version of a Jedi Mind Trick to will someone to approach you, if you’re staring at your phone, no one will come near you. Put your phone away. Uncross your arms. Keep your head up. Project confidence and smile.

4. Say, “Hi.” For all of you who are firm believers that a man should approach you first, that’s fine. We’re not suggesting you walk up to him and propose on the spot. We’re merely suggesting you smile and say, “Hi.” A simple, “Hi,” can go a long way to letting someone know you might like to say more.

5. Give someone a compliment. Complimenting someone is kind way to break the ice. Find something you truly like about that person and tell him. Whether it’s, “I love your shirt,” or “That’s a great watch. Where did you get it?” you will immediately disarm the person you’re attempting to charm. And he’ll realize you may be giving them more than a compliment.

Once you break the ice, you’ll be ready to score. Whatever you do, don’t miss a connection. Check out The Top Five Ways to Get His Number. Then make this the best Valentine’s day ever!

We’re cheering you on, so let us know how you score!


  1. Veronica-D

    February 2, 2015

    r u kidding? v day is the biggest day of the year for fantasy daters. It’s on a Saturday!!! it will be like shooting fish in a barrel. lol! whut??? ;)

    • fdadmin

      February 2, 2015

      That’s the spirit! Play to win Veronica-D! Then let us know how you do. ;)

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