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Why Voting in a Presidential Election is A Lot Like Dating

Amidst the buzz of the U.S. Republican and Democratic National Conventions, one thing is clear. Deciding who to vote for in a presidential race is a lot like dating. Here’s why:

• We all want the American Dream. When we date and/or vote, we may be two separate parties, but fundamentally, our visions are the same. We all want to be productive and prosper. We all want a safe and secure home and we all want someone, and perhaps, down the road, a family, to share it with.

• When dating, just like when voting, choosing the right person comes to down to values. We ask ourselves things like, “Does this guy define right and wrong the way I do? Does this guy treat me and other people the way we deserve to be treated?” Whether we’re headed to the polls or the altar, his value scale has to line up with ours.

• We want someone we can trust. Whether leading our country or holding our hand, we want to be sure the guy we choose isn’t going to let us down. We deserve better than a person who is okay with disappointing us.

• He has to care. A man needs to be thoughtful about how women think, of who we are and what we need.

• Compromise is essential. A candidate must be willing to work with others in order to achieve the ultimate goals; love, peace and prosperity.

• He has to deliver. The right guy has to fulfill his campaign/dating promises and live up to the persona he has created. He can’t fizzle out over time or flounder when things get rough or when the makeup comes off and the yoga pants come out.

• With rights come responsibilities. Whether he’s the President or our boyfriend, once he’s elected, he has our hearts. With our hearts, come responsibilities. His intentions must remain true, always considerate and ever careful not to break our hearts.

So, ladies, choose carefully and be sure to vote in November.




  1. nancy

    September 8, 2012

    I think this is a brilliant insight, Suzanne. Would I rather date—or even be married to—Obama or Romney? Would I want to date the man with all the trappings and little of the heart? Or the man with all the heart and fewer bells and whistles? The choice isn’t as simple as it seems. But if there’s one thing I’ve (finally) learned in my lifetime, it’s to honor what I feel and not what I think.The choice isn’t always easy. But instinct is what we need to learn to trust.

  2. loonie

    September 14, 2012

    Wow, How clearly layed out In both respects.
    Well put FDG
    And kudos again for Nancy.

  3. Irwan

    December 19, 2013

    No way! Don’t date someone just for the sake of being in a rasetionlhip, wait for someone that cathes your eye. It wouldn’t be fair to the guy that likes you, and it also wouldn’t be fair to yourself!

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